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Ear Candling

  • 25 min
  • 25 British pounds
  • Glenwood Court

Service Description

Ear candling is now available at our clinic, delivered by a fully qualified and insured practitioner. What is Ear Candling ? Ear candling is an ancient therapy – going back over 2000 years to the North American Indians (Hopi Tribe of South West U.S.A.) who used ear candles for both spiritual and healing purposes. What are ear candles used for ? Ear candles can be used to treat a wide range of conditions including : · age related deafness · excessive ear wax · glue ear · flying discomfort · Hay fever and other allergies · Headaches and Migraines · Meniere’s Disease · Relaxation of excessive excitement and stress · Motion Sickness · Vertigo and Dizziness · Sinus Problems · Tinnitus and other noises in the ear How do the ear candles work ? The candles work in two ways – Physical and Aromatherapy : Physical : via circulation of herbal vapours within the ear which causes the ear drum and ossicle bones to vibrate. As the candles burn a ‘chimney effect’ is created – the rising air gives the ear drum a gentle massage and also helps to regulate ear pressure. Temperature is raised throughout the ear and surrounding structures i.e nose and sinuses. The change in temperature leads to change in pressure and an expansion in these areas, which have often become congested with conditions such as sinusitis or rhinitis (inflammation of mucous membrane of nose) which should lead to them draining and clearing. Wax may fall out of the ear over the next 48 hours – either by force of gravity or after a warm shower. Aromatherapy : via : Smell – vapours are warmed and olfactory nerve cells are stimulated. Information is passed to the limbic part of the brain – which helps to create a positive mental state and a reduction in blood pressure. Inhalation of herbal vapours : enhancement of immune system with molecules entering the respiratory system then attached to oxygen molecules in the lungs and transported to the various organs, tissues and cells. The body is then better equipped to defend itself against infections. Is the treatment painful ? Not at all. Indeed it is so relaxing that some clients fall asleep during the session. After the ear candling a relaxing face and neck massage is given to enhance the action of the candles, eliminate toxins, help drain the sinuses and tone and relax the facial muscles.

Contact Details

  • Moira Colonic Clinic, Glenwood Court, Glenavy Road, Lisburn, UK

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