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Moira Colonic Clinic cancellation policy


1. A maximum of only 1 cancellation (including on a course of 4 colonics) will be allowed – without clients incurring financial penalties (eg if a client cancels more than once any re-booking will be entirely at their own expense.

2. A minimum 48 hours notice of a cancellation must be given otherwise a Cancellation Fee of £30 will be charged.

3. As a concession an initial course of 4 colonics may be paid in three installments (minimum payment of £35 must be paid at any one of the first three sessions)

4. A course of 4 colonics is only valid for 4 months from first session.

5. It is the responsibility of each client to remember appointments – forgetting is not an acceptable excuse.

6. Clients who arrive late may have the time taken off their treatment or may not be able to be accommodated at all.

7. No Refunds will be given

D. McCready (Clinic Proprietor) 01.01.10

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