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This page gives insight into the latest news in colonic health and technology aswell as our practitioner Des McCready's informational podcasts.


Benefits of Colonic Irrigation Podcast
00:00 / 11:47

In this Podcast Des will seek to provide an insight into some of the key functions of the colon and will provide 10 benefits of colon cleansing.  He will also outline 5 reasons as to why prospective clients should come to Moira Colonic Clinic for the treatment. 

The Dangers of Fizzy Drinks Podcast
00:00 / 09:21

In this Podcast Des will share some of the incredibly negative side effects on your health of regular consumption of fizzy drinks.  He will also outline no less than 11 health hazards of drinking fizzy drinks – including increased risk of heart attack, diabetes, obesity, kidney damage and stroke. 

The Dangers of Excess Sugar Podcast
00:00 / 11:19

In this Podcast Des will provide an insight (as a fully qualified Nutritionist and Colonic Therapist) into recognising signs that you're eating too much sugar and also, he will outline 9 ways in which sugar can mess with your health, from head to toe – including low mood, joint pain, liver damage, kidney damage, diabetes, weight gain etc. 

Mind Body and Mood Podcast
00:00 / 10:00

In this Podcast Des considers the Mind-Body connection which directly impacts on our thoughts, feelings and behaviour and the physical symptoms that we experience.  He will clearly demonstrate that the mind and body are not two separate entities (as used to be thought in the past) but rather physical health and emotional health are intimately intertwined in what’s known as the mind-body connection. 

Des will also refer to some useful practical strategies for improving emotional health and wellbeing such as breathing techniques, gratitude, mindfulness, yoga, diet etc 

The Power of Breath Podcast
00:00 / 08:38

In this Podcast Des will look at the amazing power of your breath plus consider the numerous health benefits of practicing simple breathing techniques such as lowering stress and anxiety and even blood pressure.  He will introduce one incredibly effective and simple breathing technique called the 4-7-8 technique – which has been proven to reduce anxiety and help improve sleep, manage cravings and control/reduce anger responses. 

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